Highly experienced mediator

Gary is a highly experienced full-time mediator and has mediated over 600 disputes. Trained as a commercial and civil mediator, and as a family mediator:

  • One of the most sought after mediators in the UK.
  • "One of the best and most effective mediators in the property litigation business" (Legal 500)
  • Mediated over 600 disputes.
  • Helped to resolve a wide variety of commercial, property, telecoms and family disputes, including very complex and high value cases up to £40million.
  • Approximately 75% of the cases that Gary has mediated have settled at the mediation or shortly thereafter.
  • Fellow of the Civil Mediation Council.

Cases mediated

Gary has extensive experience, both as a barrister and as a mediator, in a wide range of commercial and property disputes, and is a founder member of The Property Mediators, which specialises in mediating property disputes.

Gary also has a great deal of experience in family disputes having mediated many cases between parents and children, siblings, separating couples and divorcing partners. Much of this work has related to the dissolution of family businesses, co-ownership and trusts, inheritance and administration of estates

Mediation style

Gary’s style is relaxed, friendly and empathic. He calms things down and listens carefully so as to understand what the parties really want and need. He focuses on solutions and steers the parties in that direction from an early stage in the mediation. He is exceedingly patient but will speak plainly when required.

Gary's background as a barrister allows him quickly to grasp any technical issues, reality test where necessary, suggest possible solutions where appropriate and help with the practical matters that arise during drafting.

Except in limited circumstances Gary is not the sort of mediator who goes on late into the night.

Online mediation

Gary conducts online mediations using the Zoom platform, as well as face to face mediations.  He has found that online mediations do not tend to take any more, or any less time than face to face mediations; and that they are no more likely and no less likely to settle than face to face mediations.

In order to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the platform and how the mediation will work on the day, Gary has preliminary online meetings with each of the parties and their lawyers using Zoom prior to the mediation taking place. This also gives everyone the chance to meet Gary before  the mediation.

Feedback from lawyers and clients is that this puts the parties more at ease in advance of the mediation, allows the relationship to develop more quickly, and saves time on the day.